About us

With us, there is a place for you.

Impact-groupe d’aide en santé mentale, was created in 1988 to help community reintegration of people living with mental health conditions in Saint-Henri and Petite-Bourgogne.

The socioeconomic situation of these neighborhoods was then well-known: unemployment, poverty, single-parent families, etc. In addition, two special characteristics were found there. First, they represent the greatest concentration of social housing in Montreal, 1441 HLM housing units in Petite-Bourgogne only. Second, we find several shelters for homeless and/or people with mental health issues.

It is under those circumstances of increasing demands for French services in these areas that Impact was founded.

Our mission

Identify the needs of people with mental health issues living on the territory.

Offer people with mental health issues some support services and activities that will improve their quality of life.

Help people with mental health conditions to reintegrate the community on the territories of Saint-Henri and Petite Bourgogne.

Organize and develop resources and assistance for these people and their family.

Promote rights and needs of people living with mental problems.

Our team

Our team
Sonia St-Jean

Person responsible for the drop-in

Stéphanie Thibault

Community worker and housing manager

Sonia Lauzon


Marie-Andrée Cyr

Community worker and person responsible for the day center

Maya Gonzalez

Community worker

Our board members

M. Gaëtan Hénault


M. Yves Santerre

Vice-President / Treasurer

Mme Geneviève Allard


M. Jean-Marc Dumont


Mme Mireille Masse


M. Jacques Cloutier

Representative of members

Mme Danielle Gamelin

Representative of members