Day Center

The day center is a gathering and resourcing place for community living in Saint-Henri and Petite-Bourgogne.
The drop-in is a place where people can come at their convenience during business hours. There, you will find discussions, mutual aid and board games.
The reception room also has a computer with internet accessible for members each afternoon. An employee is always there to ensure the proper functioning of the drop-in.

Housing program

The housing program offers to people with mental health conditions the opportunity to benefit from an affordable apartment. We provide a stay of approximately two years. During this period, we provide a weekly follow-up for the first months, then we revaluate the frequency of the meetings.

Following an average stay of two years in supervised apartments, the tenants are relocated into a residence that suits their own needs. Those who are independent can make a request for HML, CO-OP or NPC housing. According to the availability and the needs for follow-up, they can continue with Impact for a long-term housing program.

Up until now Impact has::

  • 12 furnished studios medium term
  • 36 furnished studios indefinite period
  • 17 HLM-kind apartments (3 1/2) indefinite period

Image intervention individuelle-service

Individual Intervention

We offer individual support to everyone staying in our housing program, to some who have stayed in our apartments and, according to our availability, sometimes people participating in our day center activities. The support is adapted to the person’s needs and encourages autonomy leading to community reinsertion.


We offer several kinds of activities that can satisfy various tastes, interests and needs. These activities can be recreational or therapeutic (yoga, cinema, coffee gathering, community kitchen, etc.). We encourage participation although everybody is free to take part or not. We are aware of limited budget, but we also encourage empowerment, for that reason some activities might involve a minimum cost.

Consult our monthly activity calendar.