Housing Form

Presentation :

Impact’s housing program offers to people between 18 and 65 years old having mental health conditions the opportunity to benefit from an affordable apartment with follow-up.  We begin the program with a stay of two years in an apartment under supervision.

After this period, we support and help people find a long-term housing or if the availability allows it, we can offer long-term apartment with Impact.

Located in the area of Petite-Bourgogne, the building of 12-furnished studios is near services such as subway, pharmacy and grocery stores.

*Note that tenants can have 1 cat only.  Dogs are unfortunately forbidden.


To obtain housing with Impact:

1. Be aware of the following exclusions:

  • Predominance of toxicomania over mental health problems;
  • Not being able to respect the rules in the building and the resources;
  • Insufficient autonomy.

* The person must meet all the criteria of an affordable housing   ((Regulation on allocation of HLM Housing (L.R.Q., c. S-8, r. 1) , including  :

  • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident;
  • Have less than 32 500$ incomes;
  • Not be a full-time student at the time of application.

2. You must complete the following housing forms. When you send the form, it will be directed to the email of the person in charge of housing at Impact.

3. Along with your application, send a summary of your recent medical and psychiatric record or a psychosocial functioning evaluation*.   You can send them by email or fax at 514-939-3695.

4. Following the reception of the documents, a selection will be made. If you meet all the criteria, you will be put on our waiting list.  It is unfortunately impossible to tell the waiting time.  You can call us or send an email to the person responsible for housing at Impact in order to know if you have been selected.  If you are not selected it is because one or more criteria were not met.  You can send another request when your situation is more stable.

5. When there is an apartment available, we contact a few candidates on the waiting list for an interview. If you are selected following this interview, a criminal record check will be done.

It is very important to inform us of any change of phone number. If you don’t call back after three attempts of calling, we will remove your name from the waiting list.

For further information, contact Stephanie Thibault by phone at 514-939-3132 or by  email .

*It is important to send us all the necessary documents. We will prioritize people with complete documentation. You can make a request to your doctor, nurse, community worker or social worker and fax it to 514-939-3695.